Springtime Cheetah.

Jaimee Rebekah

Tomorrow is one of the most important days of all, the day Jesus conquered death!

I am so undeserving of all He has done. Even just today I was reading a devotional about how His love for us never fails… and seeing as tomorrow is Easter, I realize, not only does He love us unconditionally, but He suffered one of the worst deaths and took on the entiiiiiire world’s guilt in order to save our bratty selves. Super thankful today.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

Emerald Green meets Cheetah girl = absolute perfection.

You know how much I love cheetah! I also adoooore emerald green, such a beautiful color.

My top and shorts are both from Nordstrom and my sunglasses are from Lux 🙂

So ready for summer, tan lines, and shorts everyday!


 Get the look!

Shirt: No luck finding cheetah, but check this out… Nordstrom or

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