Nike F.C Collection

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As the 2014 World Cup games are fast approaching, Nike has decided to celebrate by appreciating 20 years of exhilarating football. The Nike F.C. collection focuses on players including the likes of Luís Figo and Fabio Cannavaro, with the collection acting as a badge of honour to respect individual players recognised skills by reintroducing innovative and historical products such as the infamous Nike N98 Jacket, which was first worn by Ronaldo. The developed version has a lowered collar and an updated hem design for a fresh, modern aesthetic. Another iconic garment features ‘Sem risco não há vitória,’ (the Nike F.C. motto) emblazoned across the crest, which translates to ‘without risk there is no victory.’ Completing the collection is the Nike F.C. Glory Tee, Nike F.C. Saturday Jacket and two reserved options of the Nike F.C. Tiempo 94. All of which keep the black, white and gold palette. Available at…

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