cold shoulder

cara's cliché

Lately my dressing has been all about ease.  I am someone who tends to have a hard time saying “No”.  So when others ask something of me, even if it puts me behind and leaves zero room for sleep, I’ll do it.  When multiple people ask something of me?  Well enter my last two weeks.  Le hubs actually lectured me for it last night.  I would rather be stressed and running around like a crazed woman than let anyone down.  In his defense I know he is just looking out for me.  There is nothing better than comfort and ease for those times… and the best way to achieve that?  Flats and an oversized shift dress with my favorite baubles.  Oh and a newly discovered skills (simple braids) that take a minute flat.  I discovered this hairstyle when I was pulling my hair back for the shower and thought hey…

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