A Little Style Inspiration…


FashforFashion I wanted to share a really cool blog that I found months ago: FashforFashion

FashforFashion is an amazing blog that posts pictures from different fashion bloggers from around the world. It is all there, together in one blog. For me, it´s a great reference to consult new trends and looks.

The best part is that you can click in the look that you like and it will direct you to the Blog so you can read what brands she is wearing. I love looking at this blog before I go on a shopping spree.

You can search depending of your style, whether Boho or Rock Chic to Classy or Resort. There is also a section where you can see couture gowns and red carpet looks of celebrities.

You can share the pictures in Pinterest and Facebook so you can always go back to see what you liked.

Take a look and tell…

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