Summer Time Sadness…


Aloha Lana Del Rey Aloha Lana Del Rey

First: In regard to our last post, we forgot to give credit to Lana Del Ray and her Aloha printed dress. To say we were obsessed with it- is a vast understatement. Needless to say, you should be too. But moving on…

Lana Del Rey swapped "Summer Time Sadness" for her new single "West Coast" @ Coachella Lana Del Rey swapped “Summer Time Sadness” for her new single “West Coast” @ Coachella

It’s bikini season! Our favorite of all the seasons because, like shoes, a girl can never have too many. Of course, there is always the fear of picking the wrong one. What if it isn’t flattering? (This is most girls’ greatest fear). We say forget what the magazines say- you are the person looking in the mirror. So regardless of whether the style has been designated as “right” for your body type or not, you are the person who knows best what looks good on you. And even…

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