Birkenstock Birkenwho?

A gift of the Gabb

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, but I am now the owner of my very own Jesus sandals.


The Birkenstock Arizona £50 (£44-student discount @Office)

Why? Well because they are simply irresistible. Birkenstock’s are this summers must have. It’s true. Just accept it and move on (it’s for your own good).

Never in my life would I see myself owning a pair, when I was growing up they were the geekiest sandals alive, and it was close to social suicide if your mum came home with a pair for you (or for her: mum turn around and leave the house-NOW!)  But in true fashion terms what comes around goes background (hey my baby-Beyonce get out my head).


With the jelly shoe coming back (again) the gladiator heeled sandal-I blame Jeffery Campbell for this (have you seen his shoes-amazing). This summers shoe is aiming…

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