Feast in the Greek

Curators of Style

When summer speaks to me the translation is sandals. And what conjures up images of summer sandals better than the silhouettes of ancient Greek sandals? Valia Gabriel’s sandals are such sandals. She believes the comfort and practicality of sandals should be captured in alluring, simple footwear.

A shoe designer since 2009, Valia (who hails from Greece) decided in 2011 that it was time to start her own sandal line. Hand made on the island Crete, her sandals are inspired from Ancient Greek designs reflecting minimalist lines and earthy colors.

I’ve got my eyes on the Capari; which ones are your favorites? To find retailers closest to you, click here.

Clockwise from top left: Valia Gabriel Capari $$180.00 We Create Harmony // Valia Gabriel Vanilla Rum Sandal $188.00 Bird Boutique // Valia Gabriel Matira Sandals $189.00 We Create Harmony // Valia Gabriel Lorient Sandal $170.00 Gamine // Valia…

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