The Right to Take it Slow

My Light Bag

I recently read an interview* in which Olivier Saillard, director of Paris’ premier fashion museum Palais Galliera, said that he doesn’t answer his emails immediately but several days after receiving them. He likes to have the time to think through his replies, he said.

I’m impressed and slightly envious of his strength of character. Here’s a man who doesn’t buy into ‘quick’, despite being surrounded by it.

In our modern world, we expect answers almost sooner than we’ve asked the question. If I don’t reply to an email within a day, my correspondents get impatient. If I don’t answer the phone, my family thinks something has gone wrong. I receive blank stares of incomprehension when I tell people that I don’t have the internet on my smart phone. Friends are still getting used to the fact that I disconnect from everything (phone, emails, internet) on Sundays.

In a…

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