Post #8: Free People listening via Instagram


Instagram Supports Retail Brand

From last weeks Pinterest post, we had to find a company that used social media in a creative way. Can you think of any? The first one that came to my mind is how Free People is utilizing Instagram to listen to their customer’s and rewarding their participation with a feature in Darling Magazine! Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.47.50 AM

Here’s the link to free people ME 

How this works is that when customer’s hashtag  fpsunchaser, on Instagram while wearing Free People clothing, Free People can keep track of how many hashtags and users post images while wearing their clothing.

But… Why?

Social media is the new-age marketing and so is receiving immediate feedback from customer’s. One of the most effective ways to understand your customer is to take a glimpse into their lives. How Free People is doing this is by having customer’s support their new Sun…

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