Recycling Helps Clean up Haiti, Create New Income

Repeating Islands


Trenton Daniel (Associated Press) explains that several entrepreneurial firms in Haiti have stepped in to combat both blight and poverty as Haitians learn how to recycle throwaways for cash. This is a necessary development, since, according to the article, central government collects only about 40 percent of the capital’s garbage, “leaving the rest to pile up in streets and gutters in impoverished neighborhoods, adding to the nation’s misery.” Recycling firms include Ranmase Lajan, Environmental Cleaning, and Sustainable Recycling Solutions. Here are excerpts, with a link to the full article below:

With just one landfill in Port-au-Prince, the garbage can still pile up in places. But the metropolitan region of 3 million people has grown noticeably cleaner since at least four recycling companies began operating in the years after an earthquake devastated the capital in 2010.They all recycle plastic bottles collected by thousands of scavengers and one, Environmental Cleaning Solutions SA…

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