Trials and Gifts. You have the Power to Live!!!!

The Journal of A Warrior

In life we are given two things, Trials and gifts. When you recognize a trial as a gift, you have invited the better things in life.

Have Gratitude for this situation, and you will be shocked where you end up next. Think about this.

You are struggling with weight and health. You are not happy in your current job and living situation. You don’t know what job to do that would make you happy. You don’t spend enough time doing fun hobbies. You don’t spend time with people.

From my prospective you are begging the universe to change your direction. Now that it is happening you are shocked and scared. But remember, on the other side of fear there is a clear victory! This is your time to get you mind right. This is the perfect time to find new hobbies, and meet new friends. This is the perfect time…

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