Vanity in Vain

Musings of a fashion designer

Inspired by Cirque de soliel, the fashion film of the brand was one of the best I had seen in recent times, by Abdullah haris. Possibly coz it gave them a lot to play with. Saira Shakira’s debut outing Cirque de Vanite will be remembered for its look. It aimed to combine elements of circus and every woman’s favourite sin…Vanity.

Saira & Shakira 13-4-14  (732)

The circus of Vanity was pretty much literally translated on the runway with majorly a black and white collection. Using gold and deep reds as accents, the collection was far removed from the colourful one by nomi which is still pretty much etched in our minds. The harlequin pattern made an appearance quite a many times with a good amount of stripes and many a floral embroideries thrown in for a good measure. The patterns were graphic-y and striking when compared with solids. These embroideries were usually mechanized going overall…

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