What would a self-sustainable home need? #GreenLiving #Environment #SelfSustainable

Sustainable Future For All

At this day in age it is possible to build a completely self sustainable home. Here is an image I stumbled upon the internet. It shows all the different technologies that could work with each other to create a completely self-sustainable home.


As you can see there is quite a lot of investment that such a house needs. However in the long term the investment is worth it as you no longer pay high energy/waste/water/heating bills. You could also take it a step further by using the previously mentioned Volksgarden technology to grow your own crops of fresh vegetables all year round.

According to the ukpower.co.uk the cheapest average energy bill for a large house is £1392 per year. The Telegraph reported that energy prices are to rise by over £700 over just 17 years.  Even if you take based on today’s cost, to power your large house you would…

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