The Anatomy of a Comfortable Heel

Dev Loves

anatomy of a comfy heel

If you’re new to heels or find yourself wanting to wear them on a more regular basis, these tips can help you select more comfy heels that you can wear all day without feeling like your feet are slowly dying:

1. Height:

When it comes to heels, height matters. Somewhere between the kitten heel (personally, not a fan) and something along the more impossible-to-walk-in height is the perfect heel. (I like the 3-3.5″ range.) Test out a few different heights and see what works best for you.

2. Placement:

This might sound odd, but the placement of the heel can make or break a shoe. To ensure comfort, look for a heel that is placed directly in the center of your heel rather than toward the back of the shoe. This helps you feel more stable when walking instead of getting the feeling that you could break a heel just…

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