The Logic and Illogic of Climate Change Denial

Emilio Cogliani

The news that a large ice shelf in Antarctica has begun to collapse may not be as important as Karl Rove’s opinion of Hillary Clinton’s glasses, or Timothy Geithner’s descriptions of the early years of Barack Obama’s presidency, but it should still not be ignored entirely. Although there are still some, including unfortunately powerful government officials like Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl), who do not recognize the import, or indeed reality, of global climate change, and the role of human activity in that, climate change can no longer be ignored.

Sadly, if the recent past is any indication, that is precisely what is going to happen. It is only a slight overstatement to say that while the election of somebody like Rubio to the presidency would mean that the country would be led by a president who does not recognize and is unwilling to do anything about climate change…

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