Travel Essentials – The Beauty Edition.


Since we are getting into the months of sunbathing, swimming and sangria, and with a luggage allowance of only 15kg (someone needs to sort that out), I think it’s time that we delved into our oversized beauty bags and picked out a few top products that are worthy of taking the trip abroad.


I’ve picked my 8 essentials. Powder to control the oily face at night and moisturiser to combat dry skin in the heat. Dry shampoo to volumise the dying chlorinated locks and carmex to keep the lips hydrated at all hours.  Hand Gel to keep you feeling fresh and clean and waterproof mascara so panda eyes are a thing of the past. Lipbutters for that extra pop of colour and Illuminator as  a perfect holiday foundation dupe. What are your key travel essentials? Comment Below.

(Items In Picture:
No7 Extreme Waterproof Lash Mascara
Carmex Cherry
Batiste Dry Shampoo…

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