National Climate Assessment: Uniting Animal and Environmental Concerns

Emilio Cogliani


The May 6 release of the third National Climate Assessment has the press buzzing. The federally mandated report, compiled by more than 200 leading scientists and based on years of research, confirms the recent United Nations report (from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which shows that humans are responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions warming the planet at an unprecedented rate. Animal agriculture is one of the top contributors to global warming as well as animal suffering and many human health threats. And that is why the Animal Legal Defense Fund recognizes the interconnection of animal well-being with environmental concerns and is working to build coalitions to fight this growing threat to our planet.

The consequences of climate change — like rising sea levels and extreme weather events — are already worse than projected. As a result, the report predicts that we will all feel the impact of climate…

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