Bridie's fire

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Clicktivism, or more accurately, Slacktivism, seems to be the latest trend amongst keyboard happy teens wanting to feel like good Samaritans. Think about it, if I’m scrolling through my news feed, and come across a meme saying, “share this to raise awareness for breast cancer”, I’m going to feel compelled to share it. But what is that actually achieving? Raising awareness can only go so far; at some point we need to stop and donate to the cause, rather than just clicking ‘like’ on a Facebook post.

(photo source: we know memes)

If I’m being completely honest, our week nine lecture on Youth and Politics, and the following tutorial focusing on Clicktivism, made me a little bit angry. Not because they weren’t informative or wonderful by any means, but because they got me thinking: does today’s society think sharing a photo is enough to fight an issue? Over the…

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