A Boho Bandeau

maggie b.

When I was doing a little shopping downtown in Oneonta, NY (my college town) I came across a cute little book store called the Green Toad. Amongst books they carry many other little knick-knacks including accessories like scarves and jewelry. I saw this Boho Bandeau (picture below) and was intrigued, and of course I had to purchase it! I loved the color and the floral print. When I bought it I didn’t know when or how I would wear it but I knew I would find the perfect way to sport this cute accessory. With the help from my sister (who luckily is a cosmetologist) we found a unique way to wear the boho bandeau. Sticking to it’s name I wanted to wear an outfit that gave off a boho vibe. I decided on a long black maxi skirt (from Forever 21), and a grey crop-top (from Wet Seal). The…

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