Are you a fashionista?

Ordinary with a Pinch of Sparkle

Are you a fashionista?

A fashionista….what IS a fashionista? Before I get to the actual definition, I’ve always thought of it has someone who is always fashionable, has the latest trends, living in New York, and living the fashion dream. According to some websites, I am not wrong! It is someone who is highly devoted to fashion clothing, and particularly high and unique styles of clothing.
New York is a city known for your typical fashionistas. I have visited New York once in my life time, and although it was always busy and horns honking and people talking, it was a blast! I love to shop, so being on the streets of New York was a lifetime experience.
When I graduate high school, I plan on studying Fashion Design and technology, along with merchandising. Having the business aspect of fashion in my degree just creates more opportunities for me when finding a career. If…

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