2 thoughts on “Examining poverty and hunger from the ground up

  1. mgannett2014 says:

    Hi Sydnie- me and my wife Stell seek to know the people of a beautiful Guatemalan village, long on desire for improvements, short on opportunities to achieve same. Who are we? a retired couple 70 and 67 (old but not old). We have experience living outside USA, long and varied experiences. What is our objective? short of volunteering, we seek to observe and know a Guatemalan community… to determine for ourselves if living and working amongst the families of a small community is a venture we wish to undertake. We are not spanish speakers, but healthy, curious and capable people. We can be in Guatemala from January 2014 for three weeks to explore opportunities. We pay our expenses. What do you suggest? Michael Gannett, mgannett@aol.com, Estelle Maartmann-Moe, emaartma@uvm.edu

    • Milieu de la Moda says:

      Mr. and Mrs, Gannett,

      We want to give the best answer for you & your wife so please allow us time to verify some information & we will get back with you shortly 🙂


      Milieu De La Moda

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