Water water everywhere and not a drop is clean

Caracas Chronicles


There are alternatives to oil … There’s electricity in solar and wind, and electric cars. We can begin to do workarounds, albeit not rapidly, but over time we can work around and find alternative energy. But there is no alternative to water. It’s either there or it’s not. Edward Burtynsky

Last week, the Environmental Minister Miguel Leornadro Rodríguez and Hidrocapital’s president Ernesto Paiva Salas announced the start of a water rationing scheme, I mean, a special plan for water provision (now, doesn’t that sound much better?) for the Capital Caracas and the Altos Mirandinos region.

The reason given is that we are registering very little rainfall compared to last year. Now, I’m really not an expert, but José María De Viana is, and he talks water with PRODAVINCI. One of the point he raises is that reservoirs are supposed to act as buffers for the water supply, so the service can continue uninterrupted during low rainfall. 

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