Becoming Mrs. Kardashian-West Never Looked So Good

For The Love of Fashion

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Kim Kardashian is heating up the streets of Paris and we can’t get enough of the curvy reality star. Soon to be Mrs. Kardashian-West has been spotted in the city of romance with her fiance, Kayne West, for some pre-wedding shopping spree. The couple dropped roughly 8,000 in just Celine in Paris this past week, but that’s not all. The reality star and her family are having the time of their lives at the hottest night clubs and posh lounges in Paris. Friends and family have been on the hush about Kimye’s nuptials, but it is promised to be glamorous,elegant and unforgettable. I expect nothing less from the King and Queen of being over-the-top. The two lovebirds will tie the knot this weekend.

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