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My Soapbox Moment


I just love when I have the best successful finds and this statement necklace is one of them. I wore this the other day and had several questions come up in regards to this beauty of a piece. So I’ll share with you all! This statement necklace is a Stella Dot inspired piece. I love the original found here but for $198 it’s out of the budget. So I began my search on eBay and when I FINALLY found it I was completely ecstatic!!! I won my necklace via a bid and I paid a total of… $11.50!!! Sweet right?!?! As many of you know I’m for the most part a very frugal shopper and I won’t give in unless absolutely needed. So I do a lot of my statement necklace shopping via EBay and have had nothing but major success! They are all inspired pieces but for me that’s…

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