Benny Gold Summer 2014 “Duboce” Lookbook


Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 1

Sometimes all it takes is a trip to the coast. It’s along that journey that you find yourself throwing away all of the tense and tiresome strifes of your everyday life and are given a gift; a moment in time where nature presents social freedom. But why do this out of style when you can eat ice cream, drink beer, and wear floral? San Francisco’s Benny Gold will help you with the escape with its summer 2014 “Duboce” collection. It’s full of summer attire that you’ll wear happily, even if it’s just for a day. The Duboce Collection is now available at Gold’s SF store and online here while supplies last.

Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 2Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 3Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 4Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 5Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 6Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 7Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 8Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 9Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 10Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 11Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 12Benny Gold 2014 Duboce 13

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