The Elephant in the Graduation Tent: Climate Change and an Uncertain Future

I was a State Lead for VA at Power Shift 2013! Great read ♻️

Emilio Cogliani

Commencement season is in full swing, and graduation speakers are offering advice from podiums across the country. Some use humor, some share hard-won truths, and all urge graduates to embrace the future that lies ahead. That is good advice, but as a member of the Baby Boomer Generation, I feel compelled to point out the elephant under the graduation tent: if America doesn’t tackle the threat of climate change, the future looks grim.

Young people have a front row seat on that future. They know climate change could limit their horizons and undermine their opportunities. When I left school, I never wondered whether my apartment in New York was vulnerable to storm surges, but my three daughters have to consider the realities of extreme weather and how it may destabilize communities around the globe. Yet like so many members of their generation, they are committed to fighting the climate threat.

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