Jeans are


Jeans have universal appeal. People around the world across all age groups wear and love jeans. They have widespread popularity because they are durable, comfortable and of course they make you look cool. Jeans are identified with American culture and dressing but they were originated in Genoa, Italy. Only in late 19th century, they arrived in America.

Since 20th May 1873 when the patent to use rivets on waist overalls was granted to Jacob W Davis and Levi Strauss & company, jeans have been reinvented n number of times.They were first known as waist overalls and were worn by the laborers and workers, because they were sturdy. In 1886 Levi’s put a label on the jeans with a picture of two horses pulling a pair of jeans in opposite directions to showcase the strength of denims. In 1930’s they became popular with cowboy movies and during 1940s war American soldiers…

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