Say Lou Lou


Say Lou Lou

say lou lou6The twin pop duo take on the responsibility to make the 21st century the coolest, and they sure have taken the world by storm, featuring on the top lists, several concerts, magazine interviews and campaigns for multiple clothing-lines. Their different personalities click like two puzzles and the world is sure liking the vibe.

say lou lou5say lou lou7say lou lou 11say lou lou2say lou lou 10say lou lou9say lou lou4Say Lou Lou for Zara.

//Black and White Duo +say lou lou11 balck and white facesay lou lou 13 shouldersay lou lou blackand white wintersay_lou_lou_volt_2say lou lou 12 balc and white dress1280-1sds4qrasna261xscyrp3k9j8ybmt19n4321z6dgVia tumblr.

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