1 Skirt, 2 Looks

Thomas J. Style

1 Skirt, 2 Looks
We all love pieces that can easily be trasitioned from day into night, it makes your day less stressful as you don’t have that aching “What am I going to wear tonight?” question looming over you while you are at work. Although this skirt by Alice + Olivia is a bit pricey @ $460, there are tons of variations of it that can be purchased for the more budget friendly fashionista. This summer go bold and aim for fun prints that have never been in your closet before. Stay away from polka-dots or your traditional stripes and go for a print of a lion or a splatter paint inspired motif. The weather is finally getting nicer, so relax and get ready to have some fun while you let your wardrobe reflect this new summer mood.

Lipsy black ruched top
$13 – lipsy.co.uk

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