Celebrate World Oceans Day June 8 2014

The Sponge Garden

On World Oceans Day, its humbling to contemplate and celebrate we live on Planet Ocean (not Planet Earth). 71% of the Earth’s surface consists of ocean, it generates most of the oxygen we breathe, much of the world’s population relies on it to feed them and regulates our climate – just to name a few small things!

So on this day, have a think about what the ocean means to you, how you are connected to it and how conserving it will benefit present and future generations. In the past, we have taken the ocean for granted but thankfully with greater awareness and knowledge about sustainable practices there are plenty of things we can all do to play our part these days. Here are a few ideas. Visit the World Oceans Day website for additional inspiration, details of events that are being conducted right around the globe and how…

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