Natalie B Coleman

Gold Girl

A global clothing line for young fashion concious women, Natalie B Coleman has some stylish attributes that you won’t find in any other label. Marina and The Diamonds loves her quirky graphic prints and Mary J. Blige loves her butter soft leather jackets and Rhianna also wears her label. A Designer who built her brand from Monaghan,  to the international Label that it is today.  She has featured in Harper Bazaar, Dutch Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Company, Marie Claire and now Gold Girl. The story behind this brand is an inspirational one.

Natalie left home at the young age of 17 to become a Fashion designer, she managed to secure a place and do a MA in Saint Martins in London. Having completed the MA she decided to return home, jump into the deep end and set up her business. ‘I think I only realised the benefits of the MA once…

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