Sheer Details

baubles to bubbles

Nasty Gal White Mesh Sheer Top Kate Spade Necklace

HM Jersey Skirt with Nasty Gal Top

Today I embark on my first trip of the summer. My boyfriend and I are heading to New York this weekend! We’re actually road tripping it there instead of flying, so it’s going to be interesting being in the car for so long. I’ll be heading up to Cleveland today, and then going to New York on Thursday.  I keep forgetting that I want to buy an iPhone adapter for my car, but if I do forget before I leave, I have the Spice Girls and Aqua CD’s on reserve. Those two have been in my car for years, and are always a safe choice for long drives! Yes, I miss the 90s.

This skirt was a recent H&M buy, and I’m really surprised how much I’ve grown to like it. I don’t really shop at H&M because the cute stuff I see online is never in the store. In…

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