The future lies in the dumpsters

Drinking Tips for Teens

Yeah, I was an activist back in the day. Marched in the 1990 Earth Day Parade. That’s right, 1990, the big one. There was a TV special and everything. With Bette Midler!

We put our kids in cloth diapers. We used baking soda, vinegar and salt to unclog our drains. I was secretary of our local recycling committee before recycling was cool. Basically, what I’m saying is, “You’re welcome, Planet Earth.”

When we’re young, we think we’re going to change the world. Unlike those who decide they are going to change the world by making ridiculous amounts of money and accumulating unbelievable power – you know, the usual route – some young people challenge the system. In my case, this manifested itself in religiously rinsing out soup tins, not to mention my unfortunate bandana phase.

Photo: Photo:

If nothing else, rebellion today is decidedly more stylish than it was back…

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