DEVA STYLE: 9 to 5 // 5 to 9

Deva Style


I get all tingly when I decide to make an Ensemble Post. Everything from this lovely set (am I being a bit biased? I sure am! ) is from H&M.

What first caught my eye about this dress was the simple shape that didn’t compete with the chic-ly complex pattern. Initially the main colors could be categorized as strictly Fall-esque (yes, I use “-esque” frequently as a suffix!) but the flirty cut of the bottom and the halter neck all scream for warmer weather.

I styled this haute dress 2 ways: the left side would make sense for the daytime — bold gold earrings, classic white slip on sandals, and a few gold bracelets in multiple sizes. On the right is all about a night out — a modern take on pearl earrings, a metallic straw clutch, and smoky-hued open toe heeled shoes.

Only wish I was able to ACTUALLY…

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