The rising industry


The national costume – Ao Dai is probably the most famous clothing items from the little Southeast Asia country. Thanks to the light materials and unique fitting, Ao Dai accentuates the wearer’s feminine curve, adding grace to each of her steps. In modern time, the dress is still the go-to special occasion outfits for many Vietnamese fashionistas such as Nini Nguyen (personal stylist of Rihanna) (here, here and here)

Every year, Vietnam welcomes millions of visitors. Many of who brings home exotic, yet affordable fashionable items. While customized Ao Dai remains one of the favorite gifts, many turns to local designer apparels, for their high quality craftsmanship at a small price.

The trade opening also allows ideas, inspirations, materials and even skills to be exchanged between local designers and the world fashion capitals. Some designers have studied, worked and gained recognized in NYC, Paris and London. Phuong…

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