The Birkenstock Trend

Celine Moreno


So this might be a little surprising for all of us, because even though every summer they popped in one or two magazines we, or at least I, didn’t expect this sudden fashion explosion, they went from tree hugger’s shoes to high fashion trend and must -haves. And at the same time the name “Birkenstock” stopped being a brand name and started being a shoe type.

I first saw them four years ago in Canada, and by the time all my friends from there used them, not only because they’re crazy comfy but also because for them they were nice, and of course I got temped to buy them and did as soon as I could. When I returned to Venezuela everybody laughed at my “israeli shoes” but since I’ve never really cared what people think, I’ve been using them since, and a looot.

Also I want to confess something, no matter how…

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