Style University: Chic In The Field

P.S. With Style In Grace

Welcome to the Style University! Every week we answer PS Style & Grace reader’s questions regarding fashion, trends, shopping and how style everything from accessories to formal wear. This week’s question comes from Janair Johnson owner and stylist of Glitter & Bliss Salon in Scottsdale, Arizona. She asks,

Q: “What are stylish, yet comfortable looks to wear when I’m in the field marketing during the summer months?”

A: Marketing is key to any business; expressing your sense of style in a creative field like a stylist is very important. People want to see that you have incredible style but are also professional so they know they can trust you. Add the rising temps to the mix and you have quite the wardrobe predicament. Here are some ideas to express your creativity, professionalism and stay cool in the field during summer months.

Field marketing 1

Shop The Look:DressNecklace Lipstick Pumps

Field Marketing 2

Shop The…

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