Wildlife In The Concrete Jungle

Beautiful piece, thank you for sharing your art! 🙏

Walkie-Talkie Tribe

green_staircase_by_dapicture-d7o08kjIf I was built a house for every-time I heard, “..there’s nothing wrong with having nice things..”;
I’d be an America..

It’s a miracle..
The way we are living
If not from check to check
Then surely neck to neck
So much competition it’s sickening..

Our wardrobe alphabetical,
Lifestyle shortened by acronyms
Even the letters capitalize here…
A nation of humblebrags and bloggers without an address and domain name,
We are androids surfing iClouds,
A sellout to our own members,
The religion of Luxury Deluxe;
Church 2.0

Suits and ties are the armor of these witch-hunters,
Athletes of the Concrete jungle
Hammocks tied to the internet
Disease spread from their hotspots
Never again will I be caught in a monkey suit
Such an uncivilized culture.

There’s nothing wrong with having nice things;
We just need to be retaught what nice things are and how to use them
This “Land of…

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