The Sauvage Suit Guide: Featuring Mcmeka

The Sauvage

The suit is the engine behind menswear. It is impossible to not own a suit. Such a thing would be a travesty. At the very least you’d have one, or two, or three, tucked away for weddings, funerals, and days when you don’t want to think too much about putting an entire look together. The worst thing about the suit is that, if it doesn’t find you in life, it’ll find you in death. You’ll wear a black one to your funeral, and chances are, you’ll never have looked sharper. Given the inevitability of the situation, fighting is futile, full compliance is necessary.

To help you in your journey, we’ve nicked a picture from the McMeka work hard play hard collection, and pointed out 6 things that you’ll need to know when you’re buying your next suit.

mcmeka 1

McMeka is a bespoke menswear brand run by Rodney Emeka. The great thing about…

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