These Yale Students Are Fighting Against Fossil Fuels

Emilio Cogliani

For students and administrators at Yale, the movement for fossil-fuel divestment — dubbed “Fossil Free Yale” — is nothing new.

The student-led initiative formed in fall 2012 and has since gained plenty of traction. The goal is simple: to “reduce investments in fossil fuel companies without harming Yale’s endowment.” Last week, a Yale committee refused to consider divesting in fossil fuel companies, temporarily thwarting FFY’s efforts.

The group’s founders, students Mitchell Barrows and Patrick Reed, stopped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday to chat about Yale’s perceived backwards philosophy.

“You can’t reduce your emissions on campus and yet profit off emissions elsewhere,” Barrows, one of the movement’s organizers, told host Caitlyn Becker. “We want Yale to use its clout in the investment community and as a university. We have a privileged position here in the Ivy League. Yale should use that and say, ‘We’re not going to profit…

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