A sustainable fashion company that knows what it’s doing.

Not Dead Threads

In a world where topics such as “sustainability” and “environment” are often met with trepidation, it’s encouraging to see a label with the ability to break into the ‘mainstream’. The ability is there for sustainable fashion to become a stable in the fashion industry and this article from Fashion Hedge’s Yarina Valverde nails it! Check out the article and like and share if you agree with the ideas. Enjoy! 

Here is the deal: most ethical fashion brands are ugly. I don’t like the clothes and if I ever bought them, it wouldn’t be for style or beauty. Some brands feel the need to “look” sustainable, using unfortunate fabrics like hemp and designing clothes for a tree hugger, not a fashionista.  As I have said before, the sustainable fashion movement has made a few mistakes that have kept it from reaching a broader audience in areas like marketing and design. I…

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