Wind power cuts 99.9% of CO2 per MWH

Wind Power Rocks

Wind farms reduce CO2e emissions in the overall electrical grid by substantial amounts. Typical grids produce 800 g of CO2e per KWh generated by their mixes and wind energy displaces virtually all of that. Claims related to concrete use are pure disinformation as is shown by apples-to-apples comparison of full-lifecycle comparisons of wind energy to other forms of generation. Implications that wind farms change weather and cause global warming are massive exaggerations from minute local effects.

There are four overlapping places where people attack wind power with incorrect information:

  1. Wind turbines full-lifecycle CO2 emissions including the concrete bases is very low
  2. Wind turbines don’t require extra backup running so it doesn’t get added in
  3. Cycling of fossil fuel plants to support variability of renewables barely adds any CO2
  4. Wind turbines don’t change the climate by mixing layers of air

Wind turbines including concrete bases have the lowest CO2e emissions of any form of generation


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