Women’s Tailoring 

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As the years go by and my style is evolving, I am more drawn towards ‘grown up’ looks which flatter my shape as apposed to the hot pants and crop tops I wore in my younger years. Tailoring is something I have always been into but have felt too young to carry off the look. My style inspirations include the Olsen twins and Olivia Palermo who both work the trend so well. I wanted to share some of my favourite pieces of the moment with you to achieve that tailored look.

This first classic black look is from Topshop. A black blazer is a staple in any girls wardrobe and teaming it with a well fitting pair of tailored trousers works so well.

A more youthful way to work the tailored trend is this more softer look from Lavish Alice. Waistcoats are huge this season and this one looks gorgeous…

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One thought on “Women’s Tailoring 

  1. Bob Trotta says:

    Katie thanks for linking back to us. We appreciate the follow. This is great information about the subtleties of tailoring clothes for women. In our work it is very important that the tailor understands body types and our customers personalities. We often give our select tailors a brief history of our clients before they meet with them so that they can be ready. We find that this information helps them bring out the best in our clients. Have you tried this?

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