10 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save the Planet

Vidya Kaipa

We’re in a four-year drought, and while the extent to which we are is up for debate, it’s best to resort to worst-case scenarios when the climate is at stake.

Last year, KQED posted a article called “How Much Water Do Californians Use and What Does A 20 Percent Cut Look Like?” In it, they compiled some very handy statistics, namely the 2011 average for household water consumption (360+ gallons a day), the split between average external and internal water usage (53% – or 190 gallons – on landscaping, car washes, etc; 47% – or 170 gallons – on showers, toilet flushes, food preparation, etc.), and an in-depth breakdown of percentage usage for various functions.

There are a few obvious solutions that come from this data:

  1. Stop washing your car. If you’re worried about how your car will look, start taking public transit. Public transit is not only good…

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