The Ambitious Girl.

I studied PR and Spanish at Hampton University and love to find new ways to use the skills I learned while earning my degree.

On March 22nd, I worked An Afternoon of Musical Inspiration, hosted by the National Federation of the Blind Maryland. My role on the planning committee included designing the ticket and advertisement for the event. The best part was putting together the gift bags. We had a great pastel color theme, perfect for spring! 



 It’s always fun to strengthen my skills and see how much I need to grow.

Whatever you do, be willing to grow.

Here are some pics from the day and a peek at the other pieces from my three piece suit that I featured in the last post ✌️





If you’d like to donate to the National Federation of The Blind Maryland to help send visually impaired youth to their summer enrichment programs, contact me or visit their website here.

Try and Volunteer somewhere this week! 🌍💌

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