New Businesses Springing Up In Portsmouth

Portsmouth Forward

Ah spring, you and your beautiful sunny afternoons, cool calming breezes and overall sense of newness is something we love about you. In Portsmouth there always seems to be a sense of newness though, because new businesses are springing up (we haven’t made a bad pun in a while, so that was long overdue) left and right! Below are a few examples of some new additions to Portsmouth’s thriving business world:

Profile Coffee Bar


Portwalk Place is a fast growing area, with new restaurants and businesses filling in the spaces seemingly every day! One of the additions to this area will be Profile Coffee Bar, which will be opening up this summer. Located next to the Hampton Inn, Profile Coffee Bar prides itself on being passionate about coffee, and their goal is bring you the best ristretto espresso the area can offer. So if you’re in the area check…

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