Chiraq: The Art of Film

I had the privilege of attending the 13th Annual Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival yesterday.

The lines were long and the seats full, for a preview & discussion of Spike Lee’s upcoming film, Chiraq, scheduled to premiere in December.

The film intertwines, Lysistrata, an Ancient Greek comedy & present day Chicago.

For all of those who aren’t familiar with the tale, it’s a provocative story about a woman who convinces the women of Greece to withhold sexual practices in order to end the Peloponesian War.

Combine that plot with the genocide ridden streets of Chicago & you are in Chiraq. Lee cultivates a new perspective of the violence laden neighborhoods in the southside of Chicago, through an artistic lens.

The juxtaposition of musical performances and the grit of the streets offers an unparalleled appeal.

The legendary director hopes that the art of the film will influence positive changes,not only in the communities of Chicago, but worldwide.

In the wake of the deaths of Freddie Gray & Sandra Bland, to name only 2 of the thousands of African Americans killed each year, this film will open eyes and make a statement.

Wake Up!


New Dimensions: Fashion & 3D Printing

Whether you’re looking to take your style to the next level or create the must-have look for next season, 3D printing will make you the talk of the room.

And boy are people talking!

From Nike to Katy Perry and the infamous ice-like dress from Iris Van Herpen’s show during Paris Fashion Week; fashion and technology have collaborated for an undeniably intriguing love affair.

In 2013, Shapeways, a 3D Printing service based in NYC, and the Ace Hotel collaborated with bombshell, Dita Von Teese, for this jaw-dropping gown.

The best part?

It was fully articulated and printed using a 3D printer!

By combining Fibonacci’s sequence, 3D printing, and over 12,000 Swarovski crystals; fashion took a leap into a new dimension.




Images Courtesy of Shapeways. Designed by Michael Schmidt.

Watch the video below to see just how this work of art was manufactured.

Fashionistas and designers can’t have all the fun. Techies and environmentalists should pay close attention to this collaboration as well.

This technological innovation lessens the need for paper designs and helps to eliminate some of the waste found in mass production.

Now is the  opportunity to shift the conversation towards inventive partnerships to improve the sustainability and environmental impact of 3D printers.

Shapeways takes the additive manufacturing process to the next level with each of their designs.

And it just keeps getting better…

In 2014, they collaborated with Nervous System Studios to create a fully functioning dress. The improvements made the garment more comfortable to the wearer and easier to construct; without forsaking the design or style.



Images Courtesy of Nervous Studios.

Check out the video below to inspire your next creation.

Have a design you want to bring to life?

Upload it to Shapeways today and make your piece the talk of your next holiday party!
FREE Shipping through Sunday using the code FREESHIPNOV

Stay Wavy

Hyannis, Chatham,Provincetown, & Martha’s Vineyard are the most magical places I’ve visited on the East Coast, no questions. 

I learned so much about myself & a small wonder in this big world.


Pictures from my week on Cape Cod!   

One of them, “I like art”type girls.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Walters Art Museum with my mother & cousin last week.

As a graduate of the Scripps Howard School of Journalism & Communications, The Pen to Press exhibit was a must see!

Johannes Gutenberg of Germany, started it all with the printing press and the first print of the bible.

Also as a Christian, it was amazing to see the mechanism that allowed future generations to read the gospel. 

On top of that, the Walters Art Museum is one of Baltimore’s greatest treasures. It has the perk of free admission, captivating exhibits as well as an unique intersection of culture and community outreach. 

If you’re ever in Baltimore, check out their website and their new extended hours on Thursday nights! 


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 My pants are a part of a three piece suit that I thrifted from 2Chic Boutique in Pigtown, on Washington Boulevard. They have great sales and beautiful designer pieces! Look out for the other 2 pieces on the blog soon ✌️


Shirt: Scratch & Dent

Wrap: Kohl’s

Boots: Bershka

 Bump the Blame Game, from where my lyric inspired title originated. 🎶

Vision of Love

For Valentine’s Day, my amazing boyfriend treated me to a day at the American Visionary Art Museum , a movie, & dinner. He managed to combine three of my favorite things (art,cinema, & food) for the perfect day! Check out his impromptu & much appreciated photography!






Coat: Calvin Klein
Wrap: Frangi
Dress: Sweet Sixteen
Tights: Urban Outfitters

Fashion Wonder from Down Under 🐨

Sydney Fashion Blogger, who is also a creative producer & stylist, never fails to inspire me with her niche for glamour. She adorns every ensemble as if it were designed just for her. I love her willingness to take risks and undeniable confidence that every fashion lover needs. She overflows with creativity, apparent in her choice of bold designs and diverse textures. The fashion gods clearly adore her and now you can too!




Jewels by House of Emmanuele

Constantina Louise

Tiana Continibali


Leah Da Gloria

Constantina Louise