M de la M: Online Store Launching Soon to Raise Funds to Send Students to Study Abroad.

Milieu de la Moda has some exciting things happening in the upcoming seasons.

We’re launching a new online store, M de la M! 

M de la M is an online store that features thrift fashions, new apparel, and handmade treasures from around the world.

 A portion of the proceeds will give students from minority or under served communities the resources to travel abroad. Resources include airfare,lodging, enrollement help for study abroad programs as well  as culture enriching activities.





Go to http://www.sydnielabaker.org

 Click ‘M de la M’ to donate and help students enjoy the experience of study abroad! 

Greenpeace USA’s NEW Executive Director @AnnieMLeonard

Read this article about the new Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, Anne Leonard.

All About Annie M Leonard

“Another reason to be hopeful is it’s a decision I made. I mean there’s evidence out there that things are really bad and there’s evidence out there that things could be better. And each one of us every day when we wake up can decide where we put our energy and where to put our focus, and I’ve decided to focus on the hope for a better future. That doesn’t mean I’m disregarding or dismissing the seriousness of the problems, I totally get that. But I find that I am a better agent for change if I’m focusing on the hope.”

The Renewal

As my college graduation beckons, I’m finally seeing the effects of metamorphosis like my friend the catepillar. For the past four years I’ve been stretching, growing, & transforming in unfathomable ways. The seasons are changing & so is the the world around you. Sometimes we must endure the darkness in order to truly appreciate the light. Take some time today to reflect upon a time in darkness. Then spend some time outdoors & immerse yourself in the light. ✨

For the next two weeks I’m cleansing & feeding my soul through prayer, meditation, exercise, & dietary changes. Join me in taking the steps toward the next dimension. Each day I’ll document my favorite part of that day’s process & share a tip or two!

Stay light 💋





Earth Day!

Join me in celebrating Mother Earth on her day. Spend some time outdoors or plant a tree. Tell someone how much Mother Earth has done for you. Whatever you do, celebrate life! Photos from Interlaken, Switzerland