Buckle Up

Last week, my twirl, aka, one of oldest friends was in Baltimore! Although the occasion was somber, we were able to catch up, laugh a whole lot, & even begin working on a new project together (stay tuned)! 

I wore a tailored & thrifted Emanuel Ungaro dress with Steve Madden Riding Boots. Emanuel Ungaro is an iconic designer and I was thrilled to thrift this gem at Repeat Performance in Pikesville,MD. I’ll be sure to add the full outfit soon!  


Greenpeace USA’s NEW Executive Director @AnnieMLeonard

Read this article about the new Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, Anne Leonard.

All About Annie M Leonard

“Another reason to be hopeful is it’s a decision I made. I mean there’s evidence out there that things are really bad and there’s evidence out there that things could be better. And each one of us every day when we wake up can decide where we put our energy and where to put our focus, and I’ve decided to focus on the hope for a better future. That doesn’t mean I’m disregarding or dismissing the seriousness of the problems, I totally get that. But I find that I am a better agent for change if I’m focusing on the hope.”