Sunday’s Best

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Snapped a few pics of my new dress from Haddassah in Pikesville,MD. It was only $5! Make sure you support local businesses & do your part for the environment by shopping at Thrift or Consignment shops in your area.








As a blogger, I love checking out other fashion blogs around the world. At Milieu De La Moda, we focus on the environment & other world concerns as well. KAYTURE simply focuses on fashion and that….they do very well. Learning new things should always be the goal while blog browsing & Kristina Bazan does not disappoint. One of my new favorites is KAYTURE

The blog was founded in 2011 by,Kristina Bazan & Kevin Chardon, in Switzerland and has taken the world by storm

Are You Ready?

One of my favorite shows, Orange Is The New Black, is returning for Season Two! The show premieres on Netflix tomorrow and the entire season will be available. The comedic drama plays on one of fashion’s most revered quotes, ____ is the new black. It usually makes a statement about what is hot or currently in fashion & OITNB does not disappoint. The novel turned show, written by, Piper Kerman, is so much more than a silly show that may seem to trivialize the female experience in American prisons. The writers are impeccable and allow these women to tell a story that emanates with women everywhere. Prisons exist beyond metal bars and this show exposes a plethora of twisted and unfathomable injustice. It also connects and weaves the stories of these women into ones you and I can also relate. There is power in Orange Is The New Black. Spread the light.











Minimalism: Less IS More!

Milieu De La Moda is proud to share,The Minimalists, a blog about living more with less. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus touch hearts with this memoir. Let it serve as a reminder that we always have more than we need if we just take the time to see Everything That Remains.

Be sure to purchase the memoir as they celebrate 20,000 copies sold & check out their blog for inspiring & thought provoking posts & stories!

The Minimalists


The End of an Era

Hampton,VA, May 11,2014- The Hampton sunshine highlighted the overwhelming joy on the faces of graduates, family & friends. Heaven seemed to smile in celebration of the 144th Commencement at Hampton University! The journey has been long but I am finally an alumna of Hampton University with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Spanish. In four short years, Hampton has helped to mold me and open my eyes to the world in need around me. The class of 2014, Onyx 9, will change The world in inimaginable ways! Stay tuned ✌️🎓